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7.7% of the Dominican Republic’s target population is COVID-19 vaccinated

As of Wednesday, 10 March 2021, a total of 606,006 persons have been inoculated in the Dominican Republic against COVID-19. This is 7.7% of the “target population” vaccinated against COVID-19.

Of the 1.5 million people that the Dominican Government aims to vaccinate in the first phase of the VaccinateRD Plan, 893,944 citizens would remain.

According to the VaccinateRD plan, the first phase of vaccination, which began on February 16 with front-line health personnel, is scheduled to end in April.

Since 606,006 vaccines have already been applied, the country only has 211,994 doses of the 818,000 it received, 50,000 Covishield from India and 768,000 Sinovac from China.

On Tuesday, the number of vaccinated people amounted to 66,854 and on Monday, March 8, 80,196 people were inoculated. While the weekend 24,776 people were immunized. This reflects that the number of vaccines administered daily is decreasing.

The government’s daily vaccination goal is 40,000 doses, however, since February 3, the Dominican Republic began a massive vaccination day and the inoculation that day reached 60,087 people. According to the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, from that moment the goal was to exceed the daily figures.

To continue the vaccination process, the Dominican Republic expects the arrival of two million doses of Sinovac vaccines from China. The vaccines are estimated to arrive in two batches, one million between March 17 and 18 and the other from March 25 of the same month.

With the arrival of the first batch of vaccines between March 17 and 18, people who began their inoculation process on February 24 with Sinovac, one day after the arrival of the 768,000 doses, will be able to have their second dose on 24th March, on the 28th day stipulated in the dose indication of the biological.

Rivera said Thursday that enough vaccines are reserved to guarantee the second dose to people who have already been inoculated. Meanwhile, the availability of syringes for vaccines would be resolved, after receiving some 200 thousand donated by the United States Embassy.

This Thursday, the Health Cabinet announced that starting today, Friday, only people who made an appointment through the VaccinateRD platform will be vaccinated.

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