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Anguilla’s court charged American male tourist $5,000 for quarantine violation and reprimand the wife

A couple from the the United States of America on vacation in Anguilla was summoned to court last Friday by the Royal Anguilla Police Force for breaking the island’s quarantine regulation.

The press release states that, “Dale Belock 43 year old male and Korinne Belock 42 year old female from Tampa, Florida, US appeared before the Magistrate’s Court The Valley, today, 4 December 2020, to answer a charge of breach of the Quarantine Regulation by failing to remain in the bubble.”

The couple pleaded guilty. However Korrine Belock was reprimanded and discharged while Dale Belock was charged $5,000 for breach of the quarantine regulation.

Persons have taken to social media to vent their frustrations about the violation. One person stated on Facebook that, “I would have also deported them and revoke future entry. Ignorant selfish people that put the rest of us at risk. Shame!”

Another blogger said, “Good for Anguilla enforcing the rules set in place for privileged people who think the rules don’t apply to them, selfish!”

Anguilla currently has 3 active cases on island.

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