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Comparison of COVID-19 Cases by Population in the Caribbean

Although the situation is fluid, the Caribbean countries and territories worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic are well known around the region. However, how does each country measure up when accounting for population size?

MJS & Associates, a business company in the British Virgin Islands has been presenting figures on the Caribbean region including for members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) since the start of the pandemic. South American country like Guyana, and Central American country, Belize, are a part of CARICOM.

The infographic takes into account all 34 countries and territories that are being tracked with population ranging from around two thousand to eleven million. The calculations were made per ten thousand inhabitants.

Using this measure, Aruba has the most severe rate with over 5,124 COVID-19 cases, followed by Puerto Rico and Dutch Sint Maarten.

The top ten spots of this ranking are quite diverse with English, Dutch, French and Spanish speaking islands geographically spread across the Caribbean. Puerto Rico notably is the only Greater Antilles country in the top ten.

Greater Antillean country, Dominican Republic, has recorded the most positive COVID-19 cases in the Caribbean, but it has a significant larger population than many other Caribbean countries. The Dominican Republic, which has over 157 thousand positive cases, is in thirteenth place with 146.52 cases per ten thousand people.

St. Kitts and Nevis has the least severe rate followed by Anguilla and Grenada.

Data provided by MJS & Associates excludes suspected cases. However, the number of actual cases in any country is likely to be higher than the official figures published. The testing rates can also vary for each country. There are some differences in how the islands report and count the cases which can make a comparison challenging.

Tally of the Highest COVID-19 Cases by Population

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