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COVID-19: Jamaica’s Agriculture Minister resigned over leaked party video on no-movement day

Jamaica’s Agriculture Minister, Hon. Floyd Green, has resigned following a video in which he was among a maskless group of people at a hotel toasting to no-movement day. Green has resigned from his post within the Andrew Holness led Cabinet as Agriculture Minister.

In a release on Wednesday, Green shared that he had met with the Prime Minister this morning where he offered his resignation.

Prime Minister Holness has since released on Wednesday that he met with Green and agreed that he would not continue in his Cabinet. “It was discussed that there may be other areas where his expertise could be utilized,” the Prime Minister said in a press statement.

Green also apologized to the nation for what he described as his “lapse in judgement”.

“Today, I have disappointed so many. My family including my son, my Prime Minister and most importantly, the people of Jamaica who I have sworn to serve,” Green said in press release.

“No matter how briefly, and regardless of the circumstances, I should never have participated in any engagement that could indicate a lack of appreciation of the difficult and serious realities that now face the entire country,” he added.

Green added that actions had demonstrated a lack of sensitivity for the difficult realities being faced by the country as a whole.

“It was wrong. I accept that this was an error in judgement and that it sends the wrong signal especially in light of the Government’s drive to reduce the spread of Covid 19. For this I am really and truly very sorry,” he said

“Therefore, I met this morning with Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness ON,  PC, MP and indicated that I will withdraw from the Cabinet,” he added.

According to the former Agriculture Minister,  he would  be  working hard to regain the trust and regard of the Jamaican people.

Green further added that he remained “100% committed, to serve the people of South West St. Elizabeth”.

The people of Jamaica have endured four weeks of no-movement days, as the nation struggles to get the COVID pandemic under control being their third wave of the virus.

Many people have suffered and died as a result of the dreaded disease.

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