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CUBA: Fifty three per cent of new COVID-19 infections reported on Tuesday are asymptomatic

HAVANA – Cuba reported on Tuesday 1,030 new COVID-19 cases from 19,328 samples. The country accumulates 3,108,917 samples carried out and 81, 640 positive infections to date.

Four more deaths have also been recording for a total of 440, reported the Ministry of Public Health in their daily release.

Of the new cases, a total of 1,021 are from community transmission. Havana which continues to be the epicenter of the pandemic accounts for 437 of the new cases reported Francisco Duran, National Director of Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Health Ministry.

A total of 496 were female and 534 male. 53.2% (548) of the 1,030 positive cases were asymptomatic, accumulating 42,285, which represents 51.8% of those confirmed to date.

The population is yet to be vaccinated as the country is currently in intervention trials and Phase III trials of two vaccine against COVID-19, Soberana-02 and Abdala. Three other vaccine projects are also in various stages of research.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel announced stricter measures to deal with the high incidence rate of COVID-19 in Cuba. On Tuesday, via a Twitter post, Diaz-Canal warns that a “low awareness of risk is the greatest danger.”

“Alarming start of April, with daily average of more than 1,000 cases, mostly in Havana. In the coming hours there will be more drastic measures regarding closure measures, similar to the first outbreak,” he stated; adding that “it will take months for Cuba to be completely immunized”.

The President made an appeal to citizens to take greater responsibility “for the sake of our families and the homeland.”

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