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Dominican Public Health reports that 161,827 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: As reported by the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Ivelisse Acosta this Wednesday during a press conference, a total of 161,827 Dominicans have been vaccinated in 15 days against COVID-19,

Likewise, Acosta also said that 55,843 people were inoculated yesterday.

“The country yesterday, in one day, was able to vaccinate 55,843 Dominicans, which at this time, 15 days after the start, one percent of the population of this country with 161,827 vaccinated people is covered with the vaccine,” he said.

Acosta acknowledges that the plan is not perfect but information on how they are doing is what should be highlighted.

“We have many things to improve, of course, what is there to go every day and I understand that as the days have passed we have perfected it,” Acosta stated.

Vaccination appointments

In relation to the new modality of appointments for vaccination, the vice minister clarified that these will not be a single system, and that it will not replace the opportunity for citizens to go to the centers to be inoculated.

“The appointment is an ease, but it is not a restriction, because through appointments it is organized very well, but it is not a restriction,” he said.

Acosta specified that the platform will be put into circulation today, through which appointments can be made.

The Dominican Government’s goal is to inoculate, through the Vaccination Plan, at least 40 thousand people a day, as was announced on Tuesday by the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera.

The projection is that, by the 25th of this month, the Dominican Republic will have two million more doses.

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