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Dominican Republic reserves second dose of vaccine for people already inoculated

With the guarantee of the second dose for people who have already been vaccinated against COVID-19, the vaccination plan dubbed “VaccinateRD” advances in the Dominican Republic. There is satisfaction with the elderly being vaccinated and with 3% of the target population already inoculated.

The Ministry of Public Health reported, through its social platform last Thursday that they vaccinated 72,680 people in a single day.

Yesterday, the newly appointed Minister of Health, Daniel Rivera, indicated that he continues to work based on the reserve of the second dose of the vaccine for those who have already been inoculated and specified that this group will have priority when attending the vaccination centers.

“The card tells you when it is your turn (for the second dose) and that prevention is made so that this vaccine, for that group, is being placed,” Rivera said.

Similarly, the Health Minister indicated that the protocol is carried out for the following inoculated adults between 60 and 65 years of age and their vaccination is guaranteed.

Meanwhile, Rivera stressed that the initial goal of daily vaccination has already been exceeded per day.

“This is a very lively activity, there is continuous monitoring, we started with two thousand to three thousand a day, in public and private centers, we have already reached 72,680 daily exceeding our own goal,” the Minister highlighted.

Rivera specified that the older adult population is demanding their vaccine, they go early to the vaccination locations and have expressed satisfaction with receiving the inoculation that will protect them from the COVID-19 disease.

Rivera indicated that more than 6,700 users have registered through the VaccineRD portal to receive their dose and those of their elderly relatives, in the coming days.

Rivera requested for the young people to take their grandparents to receive their vaccination due to their greater vulnerability due to morbidities.

“We must continue giving the elderly the opportunity to get vaccinated when they have to,” the Health Minister stressed.

Rivera highlighted the enthusiasm of the people who attend to receive their vaccine and stressed that there are no longer doubts about the receptivity of Dominicans to inoculation.

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