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Haiti prepares electoral calendar for 2021 general elections

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – The Provisional Electoral Council of Haiti announced on Friday that it is preparing a “calendar proposal and a draft electoral decree”, an announcement that comes a few days after the international community asked that the preparation be accelerated. of the elections to be held in 2021.

This “with a view to the convocation of the electoral assembly and the adoption of a normative framework that regulates the organization of the next elections essential for the renewal of political personnel,” indicates the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) through a statement.

The institution indicates that it has carried out various activities, since its installation last September, that “are part of the implementation of the electoral machinery with a view to the next elections.”

The evaluation of the institution from the administrative point of view, the inventory of materials and the visits to the annexes of the electoral institution are some of the works carried out by the CEP.

According to the authorities, 2021 will be an election year in the country, although the political opposition has repeatedly stated that it is impossible to hold elections in a context marked by increased violence and insecurity.

In addition, the Electoral Council created by President Jovenel Moise has received criticism from all structures of society for not respecting the principles established in the Constitution.

The CEP has expressed itself in this regard after the Core Group, made up of representatives in the country of the UN and the Organization of American States (OAS), as well as the ambassadors of the United States, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain and the European Union, on Wednesday urge the Haitian authorities to accelerate preparations to hold the 2021 elections in order to promote “a rapid return to constitutional normality.”

Haiti has yet to hold the legislative elections that were postponed in 2019 and whose postponement has led to the closing of Parliament since last January.

For several months, the security climate in Haiti has been deteriorating, with an increase in kidnappings, robberies, murders and rapes, but also, and above all, an increase in armed attacks on people living in poor neighborhoods.

Various opposition parties and organizations continue to demand the departure of President Jovenel Moise, who is involved in corruption cases according to the Superior Court of Accounts.

Since July 2018, Haiti has faced an unprecedented socio-political and economic crisis with demonstrations, some of them violent, and repeated calls for the resignation of the president by various sectors of civil society. Contribution by El Nacional.

Jovenel Moïse, President of Haiti

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