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Is Dominican Republic on the rise again with COVID-19?

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: On Thursday, the country reported 1,560 cases of COVID-19; the highest number recorded in a day since July.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Health reported that 1,560 people had tested positive for the coronavirus, through 8,316 test samples. This is the first time since July, when 1,766 infections were registered on the 31st, that the country reports that in one day more than 1,500 Dominicans are infected.

On July 31, only 4,115 PCR samples were performed, so the daily positivity rate was 33.55%. This month the highest peak cases were registered in the country, passing 1,500 infections in several days.

On Thursday, the daily positivity stood at 18.76%, while the epidemiological bulletin issued on Wednesday placed it at 10.50%, after confirming 531 cases after processing 5,059 PCR. That is to say, with almost double the evidence processed that were reported on Thursday, triple the cases presented on Wednesday were determined.

In these first 11 days of December, the Ministry of Health has carried out more than 8,000 tests on two occasions. In addition to Thursday’s report, on day four, 8,498 PCRs were reported, on that occasion the health agency reported the contagion of 975 people. In that report, positivity was 11.47%.

From December 1 to 9, a total of 3,337 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the country, with 46.7% of these were reported on Thursday. To date, the Dominican Republic registers 152,452 accumulated cases of coronavirus, of which 20%. that is, 31,216 are still active.

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