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MIYA MARCANO: Medical examiner confirms body is hers, Melanie Amaro releases tribute song on Tuesday

FLORIDA, USA: Chief Medical Examiner for Orange and Osceola Counties, Dr. Joshua Stephany, has released a statement on Tuesday about the death of 19-year-old college student, Miya Marcano, who was abducted from her Florida apartment on September 24, 2021 and was later found dead about 17 miles from where she resides.

“A positive identification of a female whose body was recovered in a wooded area on October 2, 2021 has been identified as Miya Marcano,” stated Dr. Stephany.

Meanwhile, people around the world continue to post emotional tributes to Marcano, who’s young life was cut senselessly short. Among persons making tribute to Marcano on Tuesday is Virgin Islander-American Singer Melanie Amaro in a song dedicated to her.

Amaro released a tribute song and wrote on her Facebook page on Tuesday that, “This was on my heart…. Angel taken too soon…. #RIPMiyaMarcano #protectourwomen #protectourgirls.”

The tribute song contains the following lyrics: “Hallelujah, you are an angel in the shape of Miya. When we fall down…We’ll just smile and look up. Spread your wings and you go… Cause when God takes you back. He’ll say hallelujah, you’re home…. Oh, I’m in pieces. It’s tearing me up…but I know. Our hearts are broken from a heart that was loved… And I’ll sing…Hallelujah…..”

Also paying tribute since Marcano’s death was the Virgin Islands Prince and Princess Committee in the British Virgin Islands where Marcano has deep family ties. Marcano was a contestant in the BVI Prince and Princess show in 2012. “We would like to wish our deepest condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of Miya Marcano our 2012 Princess 2nd runner up”, the BVI Prince and Princess Committee stated on their Facebook page.

On Monday, a family spokesperson said that they will be seeking justice for Miya. The family attorney, Daryl K. Washington stated in a press conference that Miya’s death was preventable.

“First of all, we would just like to thank the entire community for coming forward in this unified effort. This has been an extremely difficult time for the family as you can imagine.  As we’ve discussed, death is something that is very difficult.  What makes death even more difficult, is when its death that could have been prevented.  In this situation, this was a preventable death and this is what makes it very difficult for the family”, stated Attorney Washington, who added that they have spoken to so many young college students at the Arden Villa who are living in fear.

Attorney Washington also went on record to say that, it’s very awful that we have a complex that did not take the proper precautions to assure that this young lady was safe. When her parents allowed her to stay in that apartment complex, she was staying there because we thought this was one of the best. The families thought that this was a complex that you can live in and feel protected. Now we are learning so many things. We are learning that there weren’t even security cameras at a number of places at this complex. So again, there is a lot of frustration but there is simply no way that this young man should have had access. I am calling him a young man but he was a predator. He shouldn’t have had access to Miya’s apartment. We believe there could have been so much more that could have been done to prevent this.”

According to Marcano’s family members, she missed a flight to Fort Lauderdale and stopped responding to her family’s phone calls and texts last week. 

After days of searching by family, friends and members of the Orlando community, what are believed to be Marcano’s remains were found last Saturday morning in a wooded area near Tymber Skan Apartments in Orlando, Orange County Sheriff John W. Mina disclosed at the time.

Armando Manuel Caballero, 27, a maintenance worker in Marcano’s building with a key to her apartment, was the only suspect in the case, according to Mina.  An arrest warrant was issued for Caballero but he was found dead in an apparent suicide in the Camden Club Apartments in a suburb of Orlando on September 30 before he could be arrested, Mina said. 

The family of Marcano held a candlelight vigil hours after the body was found. Miya’s grandmother Violet Delville-Hodge stated that “Miya, we found you. It’s not what we really wanted but I want you to know that we will always love you and we will continue to keep you in our hearts and we’ll never forget what you meant to us.” A candlelight vigil was also held in the British Virgin Islands last Sunday for Marcano.

Meanwhile, Arden Villas, which is now facing a petition for better safety measures posted on Facebook on October 2 that they will be arranging a grief counselor on-site to support everyone affected by the passing of Marcano.

“In memory of Miya Marcano, beloved daughter, friend, member of our community and an incredible part of our Arden family. The loss of Miya’s brilliant light and loving spirit is one that will forever reverberate in those whose lives she touched. We pray for peace and comfort during this time for all who knew and loved this remarkable young woman. We are arranging for grief counselors to be available on-site and will share details and availability as soon as they are available,” stated Arden Villas.

Marcano left behind signs of a violent struggle, including bloodstains on a pillow in her apartment. The cause of death is not yet determined.

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