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Musical Edition of Story of the Five Besties to be Launched This Year – Chelsea Simpson

Guest Speaker at the Sunrise of Road Town Rotary Club weekly meeting in the British Virgin Islands this morning was young author Chelsea A.E. Simpson who presented about her book titled, “Story of the Five Besties”, which was launched in December last year. The Rotary theme for the month of September is Education and Literacy.

The eleven year old author said she would not have come up with a story and nursery rhyme without bath toys. They play a big role in her life of being clean. The author said that she made her toys look like they were floating on bubbles as if they were at sea as the fun adventure continues with five best friends, a toy slide and a surfboard.

The nursery rhyme titled, “The Five Pioneers” came about immediately after the adventure when all the characters were safe and they had a dance party!

Her book she explained is a good read about friendship, bravery and kindness which the world needs a lot of especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The author encourages that “things that one may think impossible can be achieved if you put in the time to achieve it.”

Author Simpson stated that she admires Rotary and the work it does in the communities. She has attended several Rotary events in the past with her mom, Mitsy Ellis-Simpson, who is also a Rotarian. The author further commended the Sunrise of Road Town Rotary Club for the good work it continues to do in the Virgin Islands.

President Kenesha Sprauve and several other Rotarians commended the author on her achievement and encourages her to continue to reach for the stars.

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