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No COVID-19 Update for Dominican Republic due to fire in the Ministry of Health

The Director of the Health Cabinet, Robinson Díaz, reported that this Friday the usual epidemiological bulletin on the situation of COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic will not be issued, due to communication problems with the National Laboratory Doctor Defilló due to the fire that occurred in the Ministry Health on Thursday.

“At this time, this ministry has a problem with the issue of communication and that is why we also apologize to all users of the electronic platforms that we use,” Diaz said.

Díaz stated that yesterday’s fire occurred at 12:30 p.m. in the finance department of the ministry of health, where the blaze was formed in a room that houses communication and transmission equipment, which burned all the equipment in that single room.

“We cannot say anything other than that it is an incident, that we are waiting for the information from the investigative bodies, because it is a directive from the minister, that exactly what happened is known so that there is no misrepresentation of the information,” Diaz clarified. 

Díaz said that although they have communication problems, all the data of the ministries are safe and the files are kept, so the entire team works normally, except the financial department, which is affected.

“We will be working this weekend to get that back to normal,” he explained.

The health ministry reported that the intervention carried out on Thursday to the ministry employees was interrupted by the fire and so this Friday it was resumed in the vicinity of the Quisqueya stadium.

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