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Over 85% of Saba’s adult population vaccinated with Moderna

Saba leads the Caribbean with the most vaccination administered for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The Government of Saba announce that the first vaccination round was closed off on Monday, March 1, 2021 with a total tally of 1,328.

“The figure represents more than 85 percent of the adult population and over 70 percent of the total population,” the press release states.

With about 1,500 adults on the island, the Moderna was the vaccine of choice where residents went to the Eugenius Johnson Center in the Windwardside from Monday, February 22 until Monday, March 1 to take their first shot.

The quality structure and the organization of the vaccination program are touted among the contributing factors for success.

From the beginning, Saba embarked on a promotional campaign that provided information about the safety of the vaccine and the vaccination process.

“The structure and the organization of the vaccination program contributed a lot,” said Saba’s vaccination coordinator Tedisha Gordon of the Public Health Department; adding that, “we have a strong, friendly and efficient vaccination team. The process went very smooth.”

Saba currently has the highest coverage within the Kingdom and is among the countries with a high vaccination rate in the world.

There are currently zero active COVID-19 cases in Saba.

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