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Puerto Rico reports 14 new deaths with an average number of 10 deaths per day based on a seven-day period

Puerto Rico approaches 3,000 deaths from COVID-19 after the report of 14 new deaths from the coronavirus

The Health Department detailed in its report on Friday that 11 of the people who died were not vaccinated against the virus.

Puerto Rico woke up this Friday with 14 additional deaths from COVID-19, bringing to 2,898 the total accumulated in this line since the beginning of the emergency, reported the Department of Health.

The agency detailed that 11 of the deceased reported today were not vaccinated against COVID-19, while three were. However, the Department of Health indicated that those who were between 69 and 93 years old had pre-existing diseases that complicated their clinical picture.

According to the agency, the average number of deaths per day based on a seven-day period is 10.

Scientists have highlighted that getting immunized against the virus can prevent its most severe effects such as hospitalization and death. Vaccinated people who have needed hospitalization have been registered, but it is a low number.

On the other hand, the number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 stood at 487 and is broken down into 466 adult patients and 21 who are minors.

The agency specified that 106 adult patients are confined in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), while 83 remain connected to an artificial respirator.

To date, hospitals have 176 intensive care beds and 872 artificial respirators for adults. They also have 43 intensive care beds and 113 artificial respirators for minors available.

On the other hand, the positivity rate of the virus in Puerto Rico is 9.1%, according to the portal of the professor Rafael Irizarry in biostatistics at Harvard University.

The average of confirmed positive cases reported by the agency today is 312, while the probable cases are 211. Health included in the average the results of samples taken between September 18 and 1.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 incident report issued by the Community Health Coalition of Puerto Rico (Cosaco) reported 747 new confirmed positive cases and 159 probable ones.

The total number of people eligible to be vaccinated (12 years or older) with at least one dose is 2,351,826. Meanwhile, the total number of people eligible to be vaccinated (12 years or older) with the series of doses completed amounts to 2,038,527.

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