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Puerto Rico’s Health Secretary estimates 1,000 COVID-19 deaths by the end of 2020

In a radio interview with NotiUno, the Secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González stated that he expects deaths from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Puerto Rico to reach 1,000 by the end of this year 2020.

“We had an average in the months of September about seven people dying daily, that’s a large number of people. If we were to reply to five, in the next two months that lie ahead, November and December, being conservative, in 60 days five would be 300 additional deaths to Puerto Rico over the 804, we would surpass the thousand deaths in Puerto Rico by the end of the year,” stated González who contracted the coronavirus about two weeks ago.

Currently on the island, there are 804 COVID-19 deaths out of the 63,135 positive cases reported to date.  The Health Ministry has been reporting a mixture of confirmed and probable new cases and deaths.   A total of 192 of the 804 deaths reported is listed as probable.  

Similarly, not all new positive cases are confirmed.  A total of 30,937 of the 63,135 cases reported are classified as probable. 

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