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Sandals Grenada ordered to evacuate guests due to grave COVID-19 outbreak

The Ministry of Health in Grenada informs that a cluster of 26 positive COVID-19 cases has been diagnosed, with origin from the all-inclusive Sandals Resort. The positive cases include guests and employees, as well as their contacts.

As part of the Ministry’s continuous testing of frontline workers in the tourism and health sectors, the discovery at Sandals was made following proactive testing of employees and guests on Friday and Saturday,

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell announced at the Church of the Uganda Martyrs on Sunday that Grenada is experiencing a significant spike in positive COVID-19 cases, with one family having at least 14 confirmed cases.

As a result of this grave development which indicates community spread, Sandals Grenada has been ordered to evacuate all guests as Health officials in Grenada grapple with the country’s worst COVID-19 crisis since March. The number of cases on the island increased to 71 swiftly.

Health Minister Nickolas Steele announced that they have ordered Sandals to move their guests off the island as quickly as possible and to divert all other expected arrivals to other hotels in other countries.

Through the Ministry of Health, the Government of Grenada has commenced aggressive efforts to contain the outbreak and has deployed all the necessary resources to address this grave and new COVID-19 development.

The Sandals Resort is now being used for screening and assessment. Meanwhile, households of persons related to the positive cases have been quarantined, while contact tracing is ongoing for other persons that were potentially exposed to the virus.

The situation is rapidly evolving. More Caribbean update will be coming soon.

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