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Vaccination in Cuba reaches over 3 mil people

Cuba is looking to beat COVID-19 with its homegrown vaccines. At the end of July 14, 2021, a total of 7,900,105 doses were administered with Cuban vaccine candidates in Cuba.

Cuba has announced that its vaccine Abdala is 92.28% effective against COVID-19 after receiving three doses while their Sobreno 2 vaccine is 62% effective.

To date, 3,220,481 people have received at least one dose of one of the Cuban vaccines. Of these, 2,665,623 people already have a second dose and 2,014,001 people have a third dose.


Since the beginning of May, the Minister of Public Health, backed by Article 64 of Law 41 “Public Health Law”, of July 13, 1983, approved a health intervention with the Cuban vaccines Abdala and Soberana 02 in groups and risk territories. This process commenced in May 2021 with participants; Health workers, BioCubaFarma, Medical Sciences students and other risk groups.

The population of territories at risk was selected by stages where total doses administered during the Health Intervention amounted to 7,303,580


As part of the research associated with the Cuban vaccines, Soberana 02 and Abdala, an intervention study was carried out in risk groups, aimed at subjects in risk groups and who could provide relevant data.

The study commence March 2021 with health workers, BioCubaFarma and other risk groups as the participants in concentrated areas of Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Granma and Guantánamo.

The total doses administered during the Intervention Study: 447 161


The development of clinical trials with the Cuban vaccine candidates Soberana 02, Abdala and Soberana Plus (for convalescents) was approved by the Center for the State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED) and implemented in volunteer subjects from March 2021 from selected territories of Havana, Santiago, Granma and Guantánamo.

The total doses administered during the Clinical Trials amount to 149 364 (the doses of placebos administered during the Clinical Trials are excluded from this figure.)

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