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WHO: Global trend in Monkeypox

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION: From 1 January through 2 October 2022, 68 900 laboratory-confirmed cases of monkeypox and 25 deaths have been reported to WHO from 106 countries/territories/areas (hereafter ‘countries’[i]) in all six WHO Regions (Table 1). Since the last edition published on 21 September 2022, 7147 new cases (11.6% increase in total cases), and three new deaths have been reported.

In the past seven days, 26 countries reported an increase in the weekly number of cases, with the highest increase (44.4%) reported in Nigeria. One new country, Egypt, reported its first case in the past seven days (27 September). Overall, 39 countries have not reported new cases for over 21 days, the maximum incubation period of the disease.
The number of weekly new cases reported globally declined by 16.8% in week 39 (26 Sep – 02 Oct) (n=3045 cases) compared to week 38 (19 – 25 September) (n=3661 cases), with the largest proportional decrease observed in the Region of the Americas (-23%) and in the European Region (-5%). Despite these decreases, the majority of cases reported in the past four weeks were from the Region of the Americas (85.6%) and the European Region (12.8%).

From 19 September through 2 October, a total of three deaths have been reported, in the United States of America (n=2), and Czechia (n=1). Overall, the African Region has reported the highest number of deaths among confirmed cases (13/25; 52%).

As of 2 October, the ten countries that have reported the highest cumulative number of cases globally are the United States of America (n = 25 672), Brazil (n = 7869), Spain (n = 7188), France (n = 3999), the United Kingdom (n = 3635), Germany (n = 3625), Peru (n = 2587), Colombia (n = 2042), Mexico (n = 1627), and Canada (n = 1400). Together, these countries account for 86.6% of the cases reported globally.

Source: World Health Organization

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