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438 Active COVID-19 Cases in Cuba as of Monday

The Ministry of Public Health for Cuba today reported a total of 29 new cases of COVID-19 for an accumulated 6,595 in the country.  

A total of 7,979 COVID-19 samples were tested, resulting in 29 positive new cases, reported the Health Ministry. The country accumulates a total of 800,197 test samples carried out with 6,595 positive (0.82%).

All of the 29 diagnosed cases are Cubans. Of the total number of 29 cases, 25 were contacts of confirmed cases, 2 without a specified source of infection and 2 with a source of infection from abroad. Of the 29 confirmed cases, 10 were women and 19 men. Fifteen (51.7%) of the positive cases were asymptomatic.

Cuba is the largest Caribbean country without a “community transmission” classification by the World Health Organization.  WHO’s transmission classification for Cuba is “clusters of cases.”

A total of 6,029 (91.4%) of positive cases have recovered in Cuba while 128 (1.9%) persons are deceased.  There are only 438 active cases remaining in Cuba as of Monday. 

COVID-19 Chart for Cuba

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